GOLDBLOOM | 07

    SKU: GSK-GB-07
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      Available to purchase at: rotofugi.com

      This is the first. The first Gingerskull to see the light of day.

      Each character has a unique signature mark generated by a 3D growth algorithm which flows and intersects the form in singular ways. No two characters are the same. 

      Each Goldbloom edition Gingerskull is 3D printed, resin reinforced and hand painted in Cobalt Black and Gold. 

      This character has the serial number 07 in a limited edition to 60 examples. 

      Size: 5"

    ART + MATH

    Gingrskull is David Riesenberg. An artist, designer and animator that creates unique, one of a kind creatures that combine traditional and digital sculpting with mathematical principles and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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